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Autohemotherapy or PRP Method

(Platelet-Rich Plasma)

At the Main-Aesthetics clinic in Frankfurt, we combine PRP therapy with natural hair transplantation to achieve the ideal conditions for maximum hair transplantation success. We take a little bit of your own blood which is then prepared using a special procedure and finally restored back to the respective area of the scalp.

The isolated proteins react with the tissue and  activate stem cells and fibroblasts. Hair roots form and existing hair is strengthened. Through the formation of new blood vessels, hairs are provided with oxygen and nutrients. It stops hair loss and stimulates hair growth. As a result, our hair transplantation has a higher success rate and it promotes healing.

This procedure is used, among others, in vascular surgery to seal blood vessels, in   orthopaedics and oral and maxillofacial surgery for bone augmentation and to promote tissue repair. But this procedure is also applied in aesthetic medicine as with Vampire Lifting for treating wrinkles.

The advantage:

  • Hairs are strengthened
  • A good growth rate and the healing process is promoted during the hair transplantation
  • Autohemotherapy can be used with any form of hair loss
  • Because the patient’s own blood is used, it does not result in any complications
  • It can be repeated