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Callback: We will call you back

Anti-Aging Wrinkle Treatmentng

Treatment with Botox

Here at Main-Aesthetics Frankfurt, our aim is to treat wrinkles in such a way as to retain the natural look of your face.

Your natural look and aesthetic is our top priority.

Expression lines on the forehead, eye, mouth and neckline area are reduced. By weakening the corresponding muscular areas in a targeted way, you will look more relaxed and fresher. The face is visibly smoothed and refreshed.

If the muscle is relaxed for a long period of time, it will shrink, lose its strength and the unwelcome expression lines will reduce.

Muscle relaxation lasts on average for 3-6 months.

Treatment with Hyaluron

Over the course of time, skin will lose its elasticity and volume. These days, so-called naturally occurring fillers, such as body fat and Hyaluron acid, have proven themselves effective.

Hyaluron acid is an important component of the connective tissue that reduces with age.

It binds moisture and in so doing smooth out wrinkles, create volume in the lips and shape facial contours. Hyaluron acid stimulates the formation of collagen tissue, producing elasticity and tone. You get a younger and fresher appearance.